Every day that passes the world population is increasing and therefore our market also increases, but in the same way competition is spreading and our duty is to ensure that our company or business remains and can be competitive. To achieve this, among other things, we try to focus on Our expenses and that these do not increase, we even seek that they can be reduced, since that will give us a significant advantage above our competitors.

If it is still a bit difficult for you to keep your expenses in a stable margin here we leave you some tips in order to achieve it without losing sight of the main objective: that your company grows.

Start “from the beginning” or Start over:

Sometimes we make the mistake of understanding everything that happens in our company as if it were something completely established and that cannot be modified.

Custom makes us think that some costs are essential and that causes us to reach a point of frustration, but with a little reassurance we could realize that there are some who perhaps are not so necessary as we think. Try to forget how far you have come and what you have learned and you will get a new perspective.

Ask yourself the following question in each process and with each expense: Is this really necessary?OR Could you do it more economically?

This will help you rethink what is really essential in your priorities and you can even increase your productivity with a decrease in expenses. A clear example of an expense that is probably unnecessary could be the forced installment rent of your workspace or broadcast, with Smart up you have the facility to rent offices that adapt to your needs with flexible rental plans Y no initial investment of services (Electricity, Internet, Telephone or Receptionist), below we provide you with an alternative.

Analyze, care for and rethink your suppliers:

If you think that great part of your earnings or capital go directly to your suppliers it is because maybe you are settling for a service that probably not the bestfor your economy and that of your company.

Analyze how many of your suppliers are the only ones in their fieldsyou could probably find the same services elsewhere.

If you find that they are the best in their field but you still consider that this cost is higher, you can rethink your ideas with them, you could reach a good negotiation if you take care of them and in exchange for their loyalty you can promise them a better future for them and for your company.

Expand your horizons:

We are all in favor of national consumption or local consumption, activates our economy and we help the country, but, What happens when your suppliers are not really the most competitive price in the market?

Foreign products sometimes have a similar quality and usually have a lower price, that could significantly help you reduce production costs and this not only helps your company, but also your local suppliers, since it makes them stay alert and you are seeking a constant flow of competitiveness.

Do it yourself:

How many times have we delegated when we could do it ourselves?

Simple tasks like buying plane tickets, or keeping an effective agenda, could be carried out with good organization and with virtual tools.

Today we all have the help of the technology, and from our mobile devices we could perform tasks that in the past required the help and attention of an assistant, but today we can execute them at our fingertips, that is, it is no longer necessary to go to the airport to purchase our tickets, in a few minutes we can make purchases from our cell phone or computer, and in the same way with travel reservations, appointments with potential clients or just a dinner.

Take care of your employees and your company will grow:

It could easily be thought that one of the strongest expenses can be wages of our employees but the reality is that of your employees and salespeople the direct growth of your sales depends, the more efficient be more profit you will receive, and with it your expenses will not be affected so much by the competition.

Taking care of and taking care of them can be really easier than you think, from granting them more flexible hours that accommodate your needs until constant training so that they feel motivated and that they perceive your interest in their personal growth.

Remember that while better sit in your company productivity will increase and your expenses could be reduced exponentially Well, you will have direct profits and you will be able to invest more and more in your company.

We hope that these tips can be of great help for you and your company, we at Smart Up have the ideal alternatives for your company or business, we have the best virtual office facilities in Puebla. Visit us and take a pleasant experience.

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