Our world is constantly evolving. Many of the aspects of our daily life have been influenced thanks to the great development of technology. It should come as no surprise then that our way of working is also progressing.

One of the most pronounced influences on the new way of working is the environment in which we work. Our offices are also undergoing important changes that benefit both the worker and the employer.


This new modality has been called “smart offices”. These spaces are kind to their inhabitants and the environment. His specialty is allowing him to develop in an environment that responds to the needs of the people who work in it. They have the optimal conditions to enjoy maximum comfort.

At Smart Up we can assure you that you will have these benefits, since all our offices have air conditioning to keep you in a comfortable environment without having conditions and are also equipped with completely ergonomic furniture to aid your health and your bodily well-being.

These benefits may be almost imperceptible but they are really important when it comes to finding yourself working. They also usually have cutting-edge technology, thus being more useful for employees.


With Smart Up you will also have this great advantage, since your access and that of your employees will be moderated by fingerprint. So you can have control and knowledge of all these movements in a simpler and easier way for you.

Regarding immediate communication and information technology facilities, Smart offices are at the forefront. They have the best Internet and telecommunications providers, to facilitate the impulse of entrepreneurs.

In Smart Up you can be sure that you will never have problems with our Internet network, we have 4 specialized providers that provide us with a network, so that if any of them had a problem, one of the remaining 3 would connect automatically so that your connection always be effective.

Another advantage that characterizes Smart Offices is their coexistence with the environment, and their specialty "Green friendly". Studies have shown that open spaces help the worker to focus and relax. According to color psychology, green is motivating and encouraging for humans. This produces a better intellectual and productive development for companies.


We remind you that at Smart Up we have a “Roof Garden” and if you feel like it you can work on the terrace to improve your progress and stimulate your concentration. Access to the "Roof Garden" is generally open, so you will not have restrictions. You can go up and rest a bit with a cup of tea since we also have unlimited water, coffee and tea.


The most competent smart offices on the market you will find only with us. Ask about our prices!

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